Today we are back with another update: BLUECARD v1.01 PUBLIC BETA .

This version fixes a bug the NVRAM was not always worked well while in Blue 3D Menu for some new 3DS consoles.

New 3DS users can rejoice that they no longer need to constantly use Cubic Ninja or Zelda Ocarina of Time to boot up into Blue3DS mode!
 With this firmware update, you will be able to boot into Blue3DS mode using just System Settings, just like on old 3DS! No more extra accessories required once you have done the setup!

Just follow these simple steps:

 1) Copy the BLUE CARD 1.01 PUBLIC BETA Launcher.dat to your New 3DS microSD card
 2) Copy mset_<region>.cia to your New 3DS microSD card (where <region> is your console region)
 3) Copy “DevMenu.3ds” to your Blue 3D microSD card.
 4) Boot into the Blue 3D menu with your preferred entrypoint (Zelda or Cubic Ninja)
 5) Select the “NVRAM INSTALL” option from the Blue 3D menu, proceed with installation.
 6) Once installed, boot into Blue3DS mode and launch DevMenu.3ds from the multirom menu (press SELECT)
 7) Start DevMenu and import mset_<region>.cia from your SD card.
 8) Reboot console and verify you can now boot into Blue 3D mode with the classic System Settings DS Profile method. (Settings -> Profile -> Nintendo DS profile)
 9) Enjoy! No more cartridge swapping required to use Blue Card on New 3DS! :-)

 Please make sure to install the *CORRECT* mset cia for your region, we do not recommend this for new users with little experience !!

Please be aware that this downgrades the System Settings application on your SYSNAND, so be wise and  backup your SYSNAND (and setup EMUNAND) using the Blue 3D menu before you do this.
 Note you can always manually install a newer CIA version back of System Settings, but using our Sysnand Restore option is the recommended option.